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Certains disent que nous aimons les startups, d'autres nous crient en tant que développeurs Web, peu nous recommandent en tant qu'agence numérique, tandis que certains suggèrent des grecs de la technologie.


5 meilleurs langages pour le développement d'applications

5-top-langues-pour-le-développement-d'applications With the spurt in mobile technologies and this decade's Tech revolution, several mobile apps are being developed across the globe. Approximately 650,000 iPhone apps, 400,000 iPad apps, and 600,000 apps for Android have been developed and released in the recent past.

Are you also a tech lover and wish to develop something unique, and distinctive that may benefit businesses as well? No worries since iBrandox, the best app development company in Gurgaon is here to help you out in starting from scratch and developing the best app. Did you ever think of the basic and perhaps the most essential pre-requisite of developing an app?

The very first step in this process is picking up the right programming language, which varies from platform to platform like iOS, Windows, and Android. Without this basic knowledge, you can't move further. Although other things require consideration and research like reviewing the common pitfalls of your app, deciding on the audience that you wish to cater to, and the platform you want to utilize, which will also help you in picking up the right language. However, you can't pick your language and proceed with all this research unless you know these languages. So, without wasting much time, let's dive into the ocean of the most important languages.

1. JavaScript : JavaScript is probably the most common and the most recognizable of all the programming languages required for app development. It started by getting used immensely in web browsing and now it has made the transition to the mobile world, making a very strong place for it. Java script is very common and the most beneficial one because it can be used across a variety of platforms without much difficulty. To those, who are new to this world of programming and language, JavaScript is a relatively simple and extremely useful programming language to master. The plus point of JavaScript is- that there is no official universal standard for JavaScript which allows it to be rendered across the different platforms.

2.Java : Do not get confused between Java and JavaScript as both are different. Java is an object-oriented programming language that is platform-independent which means that it can be used on different operating systems. However, it is used mostly for Google's Android mobile system. To throw more light on it, we would like to put out more information on its mechanism. Object-oriented programming languages like Java are organized more around objects and data instead of logic and actions. It works by categorizing objects and data together based on similar functions as well as similar properties. Since it shares a similar structure with basic C-based languages, Java is a great transition language for intermediate developers as its syntax is much simpler than languages like C++.

3. C# ou C-Sharp : C- C-sharp, as it’s called, is one of the most recommended programming languages for window-based apps. Windows App Store has a very small number of apps as compared to the other two- IOS and Android. It requires a boost up. Thus, learning this language and developing an app for Windows will give you an edge over others. C-sharp is also an object-oriented programming language like Java. It is based on the classical C-type language. So, if you know a basic programming language, C-sharp would not be a hard option for you to pick up.

4. Rapide : This programming language was created by Apple, and introduced at the 2014 WWDC Apple showcase. Swift is a multi-paradigm, compiled programming language built to work with iOS and OS X systems. It was developed with the idea of creating a fast, high-performing app easily, without much difficulty. Also, it is much easier to learn and is less bug-prone, especially when compared to Objective-C which is another programming language used for developing apps for the Apple Store.

5.PHP : PHP is a server-side programming language that shares similar syntax with other C- C-based programming languages, making it easy to pick up for C-based developers. PHP supports a large range of database types, making it easy to pick up for those who are well acquainted with C-based developers. It supports a large range of database types, making it ideal for any application that needs access to a database. PHP is averted flexible programming language, allowing it to support both object-oriented as well as non-object-oriented ones. It is a great choice for creating the interface for mobile applications and for simplifying the codes and functions of other languages. However, it has a pitfall too. Compared to others, its applications tend to run slower, though improvement could be made constantly as it is an open source.

We hope this has created a language base for you. Though it is not mandatory to learn all the languages, knowledge is never bad, right? So, the more you learn, the better and beneficial it is. Having mastery over the languages of all three operating systems would give you an edge and expertise, which increases your probability of ruling over this new mobile application world. If you are willing to create a new app or wish to know more about programming languages, just contact iBrandox, the best app-developing company in Gurgaon. Our expert team would be more than happy to help you and see you achieving your dreams.

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